What to Expect from Rainstone Financial?

At Rainstone Financial, we help you develop a financial plan that addresses all your financial goals and creates a road map to success. Our sole interest is giving you the right advice by working closely with you to discover and cater for your concerns, your ambitions, and your financial needs.

6 Steps to Financial Planning

Your Rainstone Financial Planner will follow a defined planning process to identify your goals and objectives.

Step 1: Discovery meeting.
Step 2: Gather information.
Step 3: Analyze information .
Step 4: Develop a financial plan.
Step 5: Implement the plan.
Step 6: Monitor & review the plan.

Rainstone Financial’s Planning Principles

Over the years, we have excelled at achieving financial prosperity and peace of mind for our valuable customers. Our time tested principles form the basis of all our planning initiatives.

Principal 1: Think Long-term regarding goals & investing.
Principal 2: Spend less than is earned.
Principal 3: Maintain liquidity aka Emergency Savings.
Principal 4: Minimize use of debt.

At Rainstone Financial, we are committed to keeping our promises and doing business the right way. Call us today for making us your trusted financial advisor for a strong future.