2013 End-of-the-Year Money Moves

2013 End of the Year Money Moves

Here are some things you might want to do before saying goodbye to 2013.   What has changed for you in 2013? Did you start a new job – or leave a job behind? Did you retire? Did you start

The Government Shutdown

The Government Shutdown

Basic information and frequently asked questions about the non-essential shutdown. As you have no doubt heard, the United States government shutdown at midnight (Eastern) October 1, 2013. There are many questions and concerns about this situation, but here are some

Your Annual Financial To Do List

Annual To-Do List

Things to do before & for 2014. What financial, business or life priorities do you need to address for 2014? Now is a good time to think about the investing, saving or budgeting methods you could employ toward specific objectives.

Should You Retire Now, Or Later?

Retire Later?

Financially, there are reasons why you may want to work a bit longer.   The case for working past 65. Increasingly, baby boomers are urged to work until full retirement age or beyond. (Social Security defines “full” retirement age as

The ACA Letter Business Owners Must Write By October 1

ACA Business Deadline October 1

If you don’t tell your workers about the new health insurance exchanges, you may pay fines. The deadline is fast approaching. Do you own a business? Undoubtedly, you know that the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act has been