How Does a Discovery Meeting Work?

We open the discussion by asking what is important to you and what we will need to do to have a successful trusted advisor relationship.

Since beginning with the end in mind is important, we then discuss your future goals. These goals can range from reaching financial independence, sending kids to college, purchasing a new home or climbing Mt. Everest if you desire. As long as the goal requires money, its legal and ethical we can build it into your plan. If it doesn’t meet this criteria perhaps it’s time to develop some new goals.

Next we discuss your current financial situations as this will be the starting point to your very own financial road map. The most helpful items can be found on the Document Checklist. Please keep these documents within reach, they are simply for your reference during our discussions. We understand no one likes to distribute their personal financial information to just anyone. The only time we collect copies of documents is when you decide to work with us as your trusted advisor.

And lastly we review if we can be of service to you and ultimately if you would like our help. Our conversations will be confidential and should you decide not to proceed with a plan no ones feelings will be hurt.

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